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Everybody to the limit! I want to hear every single idea you people have for my novel next month. This is your chance to influence the career of an up and coming writer. Any idea, concept, thought, character, voice... anything. Send it in an e-mail, leave it in a comment, phone me at home—however you do it, just give me as many wild and disparate ideas as you can. It doesn't have to be random, it doesn't have to be thought out. If you've ever wanted to see someone try something or if you've seen something cool that worked or if you know of something that you wish had ended differently... or even if you don't, let me know. And I mean anything... names you've made up that I could use for characters, plot twists, fake locations, inventions you'd like to see used, anecdotes about you and your friends... post it!

Yay, thank you!

I hope this request gets a better response than my last post.

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