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Acquire Practice

Learning programming languages can be incredibly easy once you know one. Unfortunately, I've never fully learned one. I'm doing alright with Python right now, though. I miss the days when I had a different program to master every week in the CU IR astrophysics lab.

What happened to Dynamic HTML and Style Sheets? I got distracted; it happens. I am also reading two fiction books, Illuminatus! and Cormac Mac Art (first in the Conan 'series'), and I need to do some work in the grammar text I borrowed from the library. Yay, the library ladies love me so much they let me take a book out before it was even on the shelves. And I got a 'job offer' from another branch today based solely on the professionalism of my phone manner. They want big things from this kid; big things.

I will learn everything, eventually.

"in time... I will... collect the world..."

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