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I always post about things

I got a replacement for my copy of Molly McGuire's Lime, which I did not think I would ever find. Considering it's age, limited run, and general obscurity, it was worth the $4 for both copies. From now on, I will start cloning all my CDs so that I can listen to copies. This way, if my portable CD player sees fit to scratch the top side of the CD (I think it was the screws for the LCD board), it will no longer damage the original.

I got the Donnie Darko DVD because I finally found it for $20 and not $35-40. Yo quiero extras.

I did not get the SOLARIS (so-LAH-reese) Russian import DVD because it was like $40. There was a sale where everything was 25% off + another 10%, but still, that's like OMFG. I will first check online and see if I can find it cheaper before I return to Kim's Upground with my next paycheck. I cannot wait, at any rate, for the American remake on Friday, Dec. 13th; Clooney regardless.

NaNoWriMo is getting close! Yikes! I should sign up or something.

My mom never gave away her extra printer. I did not know this, but now it is mine. I'd lost all hope and was ready to buy a new one for myself.

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