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Raise your glass, the bar

I got up at 5AM today and did some running.

A) Damn, it's cold.
B) I remember that the trouble I have with working out is not the exertion but the breathing. And the (yuck) mucilage my sinuses produce. I so I'm running, hacking, coughing and spitting and it's not at all the picture of an athlete you all imagine. Combine the cold fire in my lungs with a leaky face and you have why I don't run more often. I took my jumprope, too, and my walkman and altogether made a decent stint of it, though I mostly just jogged to the park and back I did do a lap around the track (1/3 mi., which is only like half a km or something lame). I did some jumping of rope, but I don't have the kind of rhythm with it you see in the training sequences of action movies.

Then I went to the store and I'm going to bring bagels to work for everyone because I finally got to check out the new (as if we needed another) bagel store in town. For those not from the NY Metro area, a bagel is sort of a round, heavy do[ugh]nut that is not at all sweet. You can find them in your ethnic foods section of most major stores, but I did not know that until I moved here. I will eat anything with poppyseeds (every time luckysnorkel misses her dog she wishes she'd believed me) so bagels have gradually moved from "Eww, that's a New Jersey thing and I hate New Jersey!" to "I hate NJ but POPPPYSEEEEEDS" *buzz*.

Now I am searching my entire C:\ (Doom) for files containing the word "awesome" or the phrase "holy crap". For whatever reason, AIM won't let you copy away messages from one profile to another, so, as usual, I'm looking to hack it.

And one of my customers brought me a cold one yesterday while I was out. Mountain Dew, yes, but it was Code Red.

"you might surprise yourself"

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