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So I bought these PNY CD-Rs on clearance at Staples yesterday. They came with a nice blue CD wallet in each package. So now I have 50+ blank CD-Rs and space to carry an additional 40 CDs. And they're all bright shiny colors.

I almost forgot today that I have a counseling appointment tonight. I'm feeling fairly ambivalent about the 'treatment', but I'm pretty ambivalent about life in general. I still can't see my damn degree down this long dark tunnel of my life, but they better damn well give me the money my manager says he wants to give me when (not if) they promote my unkempt ass. I say unkempt because I need a haircut or a trim or something and my hair's not yet long enough for a comb. Damned hair. "Back to the lecture at hand," I will consult with the Dean at Cornell (I do mean to e-mail her, I'm just procrastinating because I'm scared. It's not like I'm lazy or that disorganized) before terminating my sessions. My healthcare might be switching from Aetna to Cigna (is that a good thing?) so maybe I will be eligible for a new doctor. I spent so damn long going through the process to this one I don't know if it's worth it. I want to give him a fair shake, but last session he forgot my file at his other office and so I spent the whole (well, not whole, since my session started late but conveniently ended on the mark) time rehashing.

I have a date for a wedding next weekend and my five year high school reunion, and she's sure something.

</font>"There was a boy who knew he could be anything he wanted to
Everybody told him he had a singular special destiny
Everybody said he'd go far, everybody said he'd be a star
They said he could be anything he wanted to be
and he turned into me..."

I have to send out these damn Dell rebates so I can get my $225 back. I have to yet buy a monitor. I should also get a mic so I may begin releasing Worse Than Pop 2.001. I would like to pull out my Dynamic HTML book and work on some web skillz. That was supposed to be tonight but now I have to drive out to frickin Clifton for a 9 o'clock appointment. Now that I have a computer, I want to start learning some coding. Eventually, I'd like to be able to code at least one LJ patch. And I have to learn DiVX ripping. I have no clue where to start with that one... I checked that digest website and it was all like "pick a codec" and I'm like, "What, like DaVinci's?"

I neglected to mention when listing The Misfits' "We Are 138" that I'd had a story idea listening to the song. It actually came to me listening to Becca's Dixie Chix0rs CD in the other room yesterday. I bought her Kate & Leopold for her birthday (upon receipt of which she completely melted, mwa ha ha ha!) and we of course watched it. I couldn't help but think of how Meggs always plays the same cookie-cutter character in her movies, even moreso that her oft-foil Tom Hanx0rz. And trying to think of the Dixie Chicks, I could only pixture vague Meg Ryan clones. And then the concept hit me.... I had been entertaining writing a dramatization based on the Misfits' song, taking it beyond the "Manchurian Candidate" aspect. What if, instead, there was some kind of nefarious plot that was supervising the creation of all these Meg Ryan "OMG I'M SO CUTE" waifish clones? *shudder* Now that's a horror story, Village of the Damned be damned. And so I started singing "We Are All Pretty Kate". Even scarier is the fact that it's not so far from the truth. I was dragged through the Limited Too, as I always am, by my girl in her search for "Neopets" stuff, and I noticed that the only movies (I almost said "tapes") they carried were Mary Kate and Ashley movies. Ick, I so don't want girls if this is the world they will have to survive.

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