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For the curious

I burned two more CDs to take me up and back from Boston. I listened to the first one like five times on the way up and then the other two twice because I was stuck in hella traffic. Labor Day weekend is not a heavy travel time. For the paucity of people who celebrate Columbus Day, it sure as hell kicked LD's ass in terms of traffic.

Disc II:
01. Monster Magnet, Negasonic Teenage Warhead
02. A Fire Inside, Totalimmortal
03. AFI, Porphyria
04. AFI, Crop Tub
05. AFI, He Who Laughs Last
06. AFI, High School Football Hero
07. AFI, Ny-Quil
08. AFI, Your Name Here
09. AFI, The Days of the Phoenix
10. Iron Maiden, The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
11. Joy Division, Dead Souls
12. Lucky Boy's Confusion, 23 (God Only Knows)
all Misfits songs:
13. Dig up Her Bones
14. Dust to Dust
15. Shining
16. This Island Earth
17. We Are 138
Then Shiner:
18. Sleep It off
19. Making Love (a Bad Company cover, of course)
20. Sailor's Fate
21. Burning Airlines, Back of Love (Echo cover)
22. Offspring, Gone away (the Offspring being friends with AFI, and AFI borrow from the Misfits, at least on their Halloween EP)

Disc III: The RW
Soul Coughing, Screenwriter's Blues
Beth Orton; Central Reservation & Stolen Car ("you were sitting, your fingers like fuses / your eyes were cinnamon")
Sonic Youth, Bull in the Heather
Echo & The Bunnymen, Lips Like Sugar
Bottle Rockets; Indianapolis (live), Lonesome Cowboy, Manhattan Countryside, and of course Radar Gun
Faith No More; A Small Victory, Midlife Crisis, Falling to Pieces
The Minibosses; Contra + Kraid-Metroid
Ookla the Mok, Arthur Curry
Romeo Void, Never Say Never (NVR SAY NVR)
Sleater-Kinney; Burn, Don't Freeze & Leave You Behind

I had a fun weekend and I have a fun girlfriend, no matter what she says.

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