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Burner ordered.

What's cool is a new version of Semagic came out just in time to coincide with my new computer. I love getting set up. Next step is bringing my D:\ (Bond) drive over from my old machine. Hrrmmm... I still need a name for this hard drive. Gonzo (my old C:\) is almost dead. Bond is still awesome and kicking ass. Gonzo was 3GB; Bond's 20, the new one (I was entertaining calling it Desdenova after the BÖC character, but I usually like to keep the name under nine characters) is 80GB. That's a total of about 95GB of storage, and I might convert Gonzo to a server box once I have the burner and the last of the data is off it (almost all of it is replicated on Bond). I'll have to see about compressing a copy of the drive itself with WinRAR or whatever proggie I have left and putting it on Bond (where, of course, I have less than 3GB left in free space, you know me better).

Cornell tomorrow afternoon, apartment shopping Sunday, back home in time for adult_swim.

Today I go to the library to return The Time Machine and to see about renting some DVDs. I already used the Simpsons DVDs I bought my brother to test my DVD-ROM drive (which appears to also be a LiteOn drive, r0ck), but I'd like to try something high quality video, and maybe something I haven't seen. I don't have a new monitor yet; I'm waiting for the rebates on my RAM and HD to come (~$225) to finance my purchase of a 19" Trinitron (I think that's the way to go, since I plan to use it at my TV as well). The old monitor still works well if you don't mind not having the full range of brightness and contrast left, so I can use it to browse while the new monitor kicks my ass at everything else.

Yes, you read me right. We have no video store in town, so everyone just rents from the library. Consequently, our library's gotten pretty zaftig, so stop snickering. Yes, I am a nerd, but at least I know where to shop.

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