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Urgh. I had this dream where I was finally cuddling with my lady (after a long, restless night). Then there was this headmistress and she was talking about how she would call us to class. She was demonstrating various size bells and their effects. She hit this little tinny bell about the size of a bucket, and remarked on how little effect it had. Then she pulled a cord that went up a shaft into a tower and rang a larger bell. It reverberated for awhile, but then she said she had one she used for real results. She turned around, pressed a button, and my alarm clock went off.

How do dreams do that? I still suspect they're not constrained by entropic time flow, and that's how they manage to fit so nicely future events and those presently occurring. Because the present tense is an illusion imposed upon us by Kant's Irremovable Goggles of Space and Time. Prepositions will be the end of us, or at least will limit us until we find our own end. And that's either end, or theoretically both ends, depending on how you perceive the flow of time.

Oh well, off to class.

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