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Big Money

Whoo, looks like I'm in line for a promotion. I'd stand to make about $5-8k gross more than I'm making now (some of that is based on sales/commissions, so I could actually be making even more, but let's not get greedy) and I could use that money to finance my education (finally). I'm nervous about putting school off for another six months, though.

Things to be done:
  • Contact Milo, ask for crash space (since I haven't heard back from SXD-l yet)
  • Compose letter in e-mail to the Dean regarding my readmission, requesting advice on summer classes, credit from other schools, financial aid
  • Listen to more BÖC, Gary Numan, and Rush albums on my turntable.
  • sleep, probably before all that other stuff
  • Laundry (tomorrow)
  • check the listings for new ads, call on them
  • look into hotels, just in case
  • wait for my computer to arrive, price LiteOn CDRs and 19" Trinnys
  • Resumé, send it up to First Niagara, just in case work screws me again
  • The whole wide world, an endless universe; yet we keep looking through the eyeglass in reverse.
  • Finish Foucault's Pendulum and read The Time Machine in its entirety.

"You can do a lot in a lifetime, if you don't burn out too fast."

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