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Dear Internet Population @ Large (dot com)

In response to something in Alison's journal and general sentiments of late:
Enough of this "at least you have someone" crap! It's not some magic salve that makes things go away. If it was, there wouldn't be nearly so much divorce. Someone else doesn't make you good or happy or complete or worthwhile. That's a correlational fallacy; you've got to have that beforehand to get to a stable relationship.

I'm not guaranteed happiness solely because I'm not single. In some instances, it's not a huge consolation (Damn, some fucker keyed my car; oh well, at least I have a girlfriend). And if I'm unhappy, it is by no means necessarily anything to do with my SO. Chances are she doesn't even know about it (yet) because I'm a very private guy and she lives states away. But in more general cases, a relationship is not your key to some emerald-gated paradise.

Instead of complaining, try to enjoy your freedom. Freedom to do what? That's your homework. Get up, get out, and explore your individuality. Report back when you've found yourself, and then we'll see about assigning you a partner.

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