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911 is a joke.

So they finally came up with a name for yesterday. It was supposed to be called "Patriot" day. That's the best, after a whole year, that they could come up with. This is why I don't recognize Bush as my President. I'm going to be sixty years old and still contending his Presidency when asked, like those old guys who never recognized Rutherford Hayes. I'm still not sure the entire thing wasn't just another a giant conspiracy.

But let's examine the idea of "patriot" day. It's a true American holiday, if you can call it holy, because the stores are only closed for a few hours. We call it patriot day because what's more patriotic than innocent people being blown up for something beyond their control? Americans, non-Americans and all. We call it patriot day in honor of the courage of those young men who guided those planes to their destruction in defense of their nationalist pride. We celebrate the idea of patriotism, the idea that inspired the attacks in the first place. We call it patriot day because what's more American than preempting television shows and lives for the sake of gossiping and speculating about an event that you had no part in and forcing people to listen to your irrelevant opinions? Because in America, though we have freedom of speech, we do not have freedom from speech. We cannot just say, "SHUT UP," without being deluged with questions, excuses, and dissertations on the nature of speech. There is no freedom from rationale. Because in America, though we have that clause about reasonable search and seizure, we don't have privacy. Privacy is unAmerican; it means you're hiding things, it means you're not one of the team (even though the team all loathe each other), and if you just want to be left alone then left alone to do what? So, though it would probably be better for them, the families of the dead are not allowed quiet contemplation and reflection, because their grief has been collectivized (*gasp* like communism!); co-opted by the government and the media for their own purposes. That's patriotism. It's also being fucked over by your own government after you've already been fucked by renegade operatives of a foreign power.

God bless nuthin'.
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