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Quantum !@#%

And so Sam finds himself leaping from uNF to uNF, striving to do right what once was wrong, and hoping each time that his next uNF... will be the Homecoming Queen.

Q: Who could love a kleptomaniac?
A: Someone with no material attachments, like a buddhist monastic.

I think it could make for an interesting, story. She has an irrational attachment of material goods and he has none to speak of for her to take. Does that mean he has nothing to offer her? I don't think so, but I'd like to find out. Imagine if the masters had divined that he was to be the next Dalai Lama! Then they would have a problem with her having run off with their religious leader. It might even make a hit Broadway musical (have you seen some of the hit Broadway musicals?) if we call it Give Me Back My Lama (one L).

Outside, they poured cement (or is it concrete?) yesterday. Nevermind that when they cut up the old sidewalk they got my car and only my car (somehow) all dusty. I saw today that some kid wrote in the concrete "Bern Mac". Now, white people ain't stupid. They gonna put 2 + 2 together and figure out that it's supposed to say "Bernie Mac". And shonuf, cops's gonna show up outside Bernie's house and start axin Bernie why he vandalized the sidewalk. I guess that's how they train young white kids to frame black people. Because there sure aren't any black kids in this area. And I know Bernie Mac didn't write his name in no cement outside my house.

I come up with pieces and bits of scenes and comedy, but never anything complete. How is one born with a genetic predisposition to be a member of a sitcom writing staff? Sometimes, it feels like I'm the last on a team of writers who are being slowly killed, one at a time, by

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