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Yaw yaw yaw Yaawwwyaw

I picked up a hardcover copy of Cryptonomicon finally. Do you think it would drive me nuts to read Foucault's Pendulum, Crypto, and The Illuminatus! Trilogy in a row? Probably not.

I got another journal because the one I'm writing my book in is almost full. I am behind on my writing so I've had to start backdating entries. I have material, just no time to write it in. Now that I'm back here I will take the time.

I spent the entire weekend with Rebecca. We didn't hang out with anyone else, really (sorry Tom and Jen); we didn't even see her parents. I dunno, it was kind of nice just being me and my girl. I got to see her classroom, even! She starts teaching this week and I'm so happy to love her.

I picked up an HTML book for a quarter. Most of it looks current, so yay. It's nice to have a paper reference just to thumb through. Does it matter that it's Dynamic HTML? It's an official Netscape book, too, oh my.

I saw Amelie. Yes, I already told Katelyn. It was neat, but I am disappointed after all those livejournal icons that the spoon did not play a larger part.

I purchased the Tao of Pooh at the same yard sale for a quarter. Now you can all shut up about how I need to read it.

I finally found the last James Bond book that I haven't read. I do not think I will be reading any of the non-Fleming books. But now I have Moonraker and it promises to be much better than the movie.

Not reading lj for a week and then coming back was weird. It was hard. I'm not sure I want to be here, not in the same respect, anymore.

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