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Addendum: The Brazilian

I wish to change my previous impressions regarding Genesis' The Brazilian. The jungle-born majesty of it in fact reminds me of The Mysterious Cities of Gold (Les Misterious Cites d'Or or whatever the show was called in the original French). It almost feels like there are elements of the show in there when you're listening to the tune. But though the song would almost fit in with the OST (OSV? whatever), it has a slightly different theme to it. Actually, it suggests to me the story of an older Esteban. Envision our hero, the child of the sun, full-grown and changed by the experiences of his life. He'd probably be jaded, if that's not too cliche, and may have lost some of his selflessness. Inward steps the tyrannical aspect, the thought of an Esteban eventually corrupted by power, blinded by his own light. Gasp, could I be contemplating a 'FAN' 'FIC'; that horrid act of fanatical fiction that so readily consumes most of humanity's worst writers? Sure, it's possible. Given my rate of idea execution, I wouldn't hold it as likely. I need to write more stories.

One idea I entertained, based on a suggestion from the very Reverend Dave, is a book of very short (page-length?) stories. This has been done before, but I don't think a single author has ever composed an entire book of Story-a-Minute tales all his own. Thank god my lovemaking is nothing like my stories; it goes ALL NIGHT LONG BAYBEEE.

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