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Dreams of a Lost Boy

I had a dream like this last night. Except there was no Michelle, but there were four women who were all over me. In tru N@ style, I wasn't really interested in any of them until one of them stared at me and I saw she had Becca's eyes. This is the second time a girl has turned into Becca in a dream right before I wake up. It was a neat dream; I rode up 9W way into the boondocks of Mid-State New York and then got out and wandered around and walked so far that I had to take a train back to my car. I just couldn't walk any further. That's where I ran into the girls. Curious; they were all of different 'types'. I don't usually see people in my dreams, not particular ones. Just schema; tall skinny blonde, chunky brunette chick, short red/blonde wildchild, etc. One classification or another, not real people though.

I need to have more dreams like this.

I should keep a log of when I listen to CDs. I'm trying to find the entry I made listening to Private Helicopter earlier this year, to Noah Vale. Oh, there it is. "I'm still attracted to you. BAHP BAAHHHH!!!" Fortune smiles upon me; I did end up getting back together with my favorite ex-girlfriend, just like in the song. I think all the couples that I'd seen getting back together only to crash in flames at college made me hesistant, but I'm really happy now except for missing my girl like a puppy dog.

I'm nowhere near as morose as I used to be. I get lonely and hopeless at times, but it's all for show.

And I finished A Feast of Snakes and am onto Foucault's Pendulum. I'm not one to quit on a book, and I know this one is supposed to be killer, but I have no idea how I will get through it. Maybe there is an online cheat/guide I can use to translate all the different languages and alphabets in this mofo. Or maybe they will all be explained if I'm patient. The cool thing is that if I have time at work I can check the internet for information on the things Eco mentions. Yay for the wired workplace.

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