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I've got some shit to kill. Things to be gotten out of the way.

Saturday, to reorganize my CDs. Sunday to see Sonic Youth. Next Wednesday to start Yoga. Tomorrow to put away clothes and talk to Becca. I also might get a plant. I want to get a camera, but developing is so much for such crap. There's a nice telephone pole on the corner loaded with transformers and tropical birds' nests (someone let loose a breeding pair in my town and now they nest in the heat of the transformers) and it casts such a stark shadow on the street around noon that I want to take a picture of it (the shadow) and call it "Shadetree".

High Fidelity, A Feast of Snakes, then Focault's Pendulum. Probably About a Boy, then the rest of the Harry Pottar books and the Lord of the Rings trilogy needs to be finished. Then Good Omens and whatever else I have lying around. I may start another writing project. I am definitely going to start exercising because I ran to the library yesterday and it felt good. The problem I have with running is that my throat burns and chafes after a very short amount of time and it hurts too much to keep going or even to stop and catch my breath. I might get a jump rope and some day I will have my own freeweights.

I'm listening to Shiner's first album since I haven't in awhile and I always undersell it as the least of their release efforts so far. For Shiner, that's saying a lot but leaving more out. Bad Shiner >> Good Anything Else. I finally got an e-mail back from Allen (the frontman) and he's really a cool dude. I didn't get to catch them this trip, but I will definitely quit work/school if I have to to see them next time. I can't die before I see them perform. I want Jason Gerken to sign my cornea, backwards, if possible, so I can always see his indelible mark on me.

I have Starless in my blood; I know this every time I hear the first tick at the start of Spinning. I got my book from four counties over because the library ladies love me. As Alison put it, all ladies love me. I'm starting to think this is true. I've always had a peculiar charisma, and it's seasoned with a healthy mix of There's Nothing I Can't Do, because really, there isn't. I can hurl fishsticks with deadly accuracy, frozen or thawed. I am a force of nature, and my picture appears next to the word 'incontrovertible' in the dictionary. I can't decide if I want to become a reknown author first and then open an engineering firm with Joe using my millions, or if I want to become a wealthy inventor who co-owns an engineering firm and then sells out and retires at 40 to write for the rest of his life. Probably both; like a single photon that passes through both slits at once.

Both slits at once.

Both slits, at once. Ahead, full.

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