The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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pee oh ee em

Those Water Eyes

I opened my mouth
and started to cry
I can't even force out
the weakest of "hi"s

I'm supersenstive today
and I don't know why
my tear ducts are wet
Something in my eye?

The gelatinized sky weighs down on me
Is there something amiss that I can't see?
The sound of my soul is something so loud
It escapes from my face like the burst of a cloud

A stutter in my mouth
A tremble in my lips
Something deep inside
I feel so slowly rips

I'm supersensitive today
Nerves buzz at their tips
On edge is not so bad
Until you start to trip

To look at me, they think I'm cold
I've no greater depth of feeling
But stand a minute in my shoes
And you will be left reeling

Seems like it takes all of me
to hold this down inside
But when the seams start to rip
I feel I could divide
Those who feel the strongest
Learn quickest how to hide
or they die...

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