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You Were Wrong

Things to remember:

1. I was right about Lyz - She really was charmed by me, even if she was too weak-willed to oppose her friends by dating a nerd. I don't know if she ever made it as a fashion designer, but she missed out on a straight man with one heck of a sense of style just because I didn't trot it out on public display. It's there; she just didn't hang around long enough to see it.

2. I was wrong about Carrie - She dug me; all I had to do was ask. Hell, we were practically the class couple of English 220 junior year. I got important evidence, though, by the time I did come around (even if it was too late) because I invited her to an event with Becca and thus got to see Becca jealous for the first time which was a strong sign that she liked me like that.

3. A man cannot live on his past accomplishments alone, especially if they were never actualized. I was, however, right about Becca.

"when i dream, i dream of where i might go
when i dream, i dream of what i call home"

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