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Sometimes, it's great to be a writer.

And then, I turn on Boomerang and the episode is about a scientist building a machine that can predict future crimes.

But before that, I have a precognitive experience of my own. I just happened to leave the Rush tape in my car cued to Jacob's Ladder, a song about a thunderstorm, with no prior knowledge of the fierce storm that would be raging when I left the theater.

But before that, I exit the theater after having seen Minority Report (not THE Minority Report, I guess, because it was only vaguely based on the story The Minority Report). When the date flashed on the screen, December 13th for Solaris, I spoke into the quiet theater: "That gives you all plenty of time to read the book," because I felt like being a snob. I was wearing my Science Fair t-shirt and everything. Two girls sitting in front of me even laughed, though not at me; at the character I was playing. I did resist the urge, when George Clooney's name appeared on the screen, to say "Worst.. Actor.. Ever." Regardless, I know what I'll be doing on my half-birthday.

I never realized writing could be so physically exhausting till I looked up, breathless, from pounding out two handwritten pages in my journal-book. Because it's first person character narrative, it can be very consuming, I guess. It's good to be enthusiastic about something, whether you say: "Back off, man, I'm a scientist" or "Let me handle this, ma'am. I'm a writer." If this project materializes, it will be fantastic, though it goes against everything I know about writing to write something in a strictly linear format, with no going back and no working ahead (except mentally). At least it will show that I can write a book, even if it's not exciting or novel. A large part of authoring a novel is straight dedication. I've got too many abandoned leads and dead stories. Will it work? Only if you make it work.

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