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Fuck! Clooney?!

I just looked up Solaris (US), and I applaud the choice of Natasha McElhone as Reya, but George Fucking Clooney as Kris Kelvin? Clooney is the least actor of all the actors that are out there. Hell, in O, Brother, he didn't even sound southern. Tha Fuck, Soderberg?

Hell, I never go to the movies. All of a sudden I'm supposed to know about this French chick named Amelie. I'm so out of the loop. Who wants to see a movie with me tonight on THIS side of the River? If not, I'll probably see a matinee of The Minority Report since there's nothing else really out there and won't be until Goldmember and James Bond #26 comes out.

I just saw Diary of a Madman, with Vincent Price, the namesake of the Ozzy song, which I knew, but I didn't know that it was the inspiration for the Redjak episode of Star Trek (TOS).

Now 2001 is on. I just hope the soundtrack to Solaris (US) is by Failure.

I'm on an ocean that has a brain and makes us dream
I'm on a mission to wipe imagination clean
You grow inside me dying time and time again
I'm on a mission to escape from what my life has been without you

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