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The Fullness of the Day

I won a (half-)day off from work today. I thought it was a full day, but someone told my boss it's a half and now the fullness of the day is in contention. I am going to use it, whole or half, to visit Becca if I can over the first weekend of August.

I ought to call her to coordinate.

I am off tomorrow for the first time in ages and I don't know what I'll do with myself. Especially since I have to work Saturday morning.

Best part of tonight is that The Stoned Age is on and so is my BOC and I'll finally get to see this movie since I missed half of it on USA six years ago. I think I have told maybe three people about this movie and one of them was David, who couldn't understand why I was disappointed I didn't get hit in the eye with a laser at the Rush concert in Saratoga.

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