The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good


The first thing I notice about a woman is the tits. Then my eyes will creep up to study the face: nose, teeth, and eyes. If it meets muster, or maybe even if it doesn't, my eyes will slide back down to the breasts and then examine the hips. The face determines if I will contemplate conversation, especially, yes, especially the teeth. The body determines whether I will continue to stare there or elsewhere.

Have you ever clutched at something you've dropped, trying to catch it before it falls to far? Sometimes I feel like this. Power diving faster than gravity will take me, falling beyond falling.

I had some blood drawn today. I hadn't remembered how little the needle hurt, or how quickly the blood flowed. Later, as I sat in my car, parked a block down from my home (the place where I live, not the place where I belong), I tentatively pulled back the bandage to examine the damage. I was shocked to see just how little blood had flowed from my well-developed vein and soaked into the gauze before the wound had closed upon itself. Worth noting. It's a shame that blood stains the way it does. I think the best way to commit a murder would be naked, and near a source of running water. They can trace a sink, supposedly, but not a toilet's drainage.

As the keys fall, I don't have time to marvel until after my hand has closed around them how quick and cobra-like it moves. Empty hand or serrated blade, I should be able to defend myself if I set my mind to it.

I can set my mind to anything.

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