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Oh, hey, wow.

How many ways can you lose yourself?

How many times can you come back?

Today's pretty 'up' (as opposed to strange or top). I can't get Goudie's Terminal out of my head or off my CD player (or out of my AIM away message) and that's OK by me. It's replaced the Indigo Girls' Galileo as the best reincarnation song ever.

very unscheduled

I still have to download some Katelyn music, and that REM song that's not an REM song that sobriquet wrote about in his journal a week ago. There's time.

I got a journal today! This financial consultant to the bank came in and gave a talk about mutual funds we can sell and one of the things he gave out was a planner thingy and I asked the sales guy I work with if I could see his and he GAVE IT TO ME! He knows I'm as serious about my writing as he is about his songwriting so I guess he's got respect. I feel so happy when people are just super supportive of my writing. It's got THICK PAPER! I've been driving myself sick looking for a simple black notebook with thick enough paper that I can use my ultrafinepoint Sharpie to write. I love my letters to have thickness to them, but that means the ink has to be able to soak into the paper. I am still going to try to get a network card for my laptop so I can get online with it. I want to write I want to write I want to write ohplease ohpleaseohplease Muse hit me now!

I'm so happy because after tons of tag I finally got to talk to this pretty girl last night who was very listenative and just makes me feel comfortable and confident. Don't tell her, but I'm just as lucky if not luckier to have her as she is to have me to talk to.

Yay, we had thunderstorms today too. Knocked the power off at work on me, the poopy thing. It was cool though because I was closing up and there were no customers to complain at me.

I still want another journal, and a typewriter. I want thick thick paper like they had back in the days of the quill pen that won't even let marker soak through to the other side. I still have (and use) the dream journal that Smanda got me. I think I could collect journals. I should probably jot and scribble on a legal pad, too. I want to write all the time, and Becca is cool and gives me hand massages so I don't get writer's cramp. Val is cool because she took me to stationary stores even though she felt like a dork doing it and gave me an excuse to look at all kinds of cool paper. I didn't know 'til that time last year just how much I loved paper. I remember making it as a kid; lots of fun. Maybe when I am rich and old I will make my own again to write on.

And I listened to Peaches today! And at the part in the song where the ninjas come out, I screamed, "Lookout!" and did all kinds of ninja stuff. I mean, c'mon, NINJAS! Yay, again.

"people are flickering fading to black"

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