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I am going to watch Solaris again tonight (considering I fell asleep last time), after/before/between packing. The book was good, but short. I can't decide if that's a because or an in spite of. Definitely going to have to learn Polish so I can read his untranslated stuff.

Yeah, that good.

I woke up at 2:30 AM this morning, I guess because the thunder had stopped. I was finally able to sleep with it there to doze me last night around nine, and then bam, I wake up at two. So I posted to lj for a bit after lying in bed and complaining about being awake to myself and generally thinking too much about too much (like I used to in high school! insomniac that I was). Then I picked up American Gods and demolished a bunch of pages. Frankly, reading is better than posting to lj right now, so pfft. I'm going to be doing more of one than the other.

And as for sleep, well, this weekend I'm back up to see my sweetie and Becca, so hopefully having my car and my girl both will let me sleep soundly. She is the only thing that gets me to sleep (Becca, not my car) without first having to be at the point of exhaustion. =D

I have a plan to listen to lots of Hum and Shiner now that I'm stepping away from Failure and Solaris (the song, the book, and the movie). I might listen to some Joe Jackson (Night & Day LP) tonight if I can stay awake on 5 hours of sleep. I'm not so young as I used to be, though.

7:30 AM, I am Boston-bound. Thank godZod for long weekends; especially ones given without asking.

I made myself eggs this morning, which pissed my mom off. I was in her way, she claimed. Only because she came into the kitchen when she heard me moving. Instead of waiting, as usual, for her to leave the apartment and then me grabbing Pop Tarts because I am late, I made food. SO HA. And I was on time for work. All I had to do was get up at 2:30 AM.

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