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In reply, and beyond.

Because livejournal is being assy, I am posting this in my own journal.

So now atheists are going to destroy YOUR money.

You know what I'm talking about. Some moron who would rather have the entire country turned on its head to remove any and all traces of anything that might resemble religion from anything that might resemble government.

Instead of simply telling his son that he didn't have to say the Pledge of Allegiance if he did not want to or was made uncomfortable by it, this man decided to take the issue to court and get the Pledge taken away from everyone who did want to say it, and were not made uncomfortable.

Then a judge, in a courtroom bearing the slogan "In God We Trust" if not directly behind his chair, at the very least on the face of the building, decided that this man was right.

Al Queda called America "godless". For over 95% of us, this is untrue. Americans most certainly DO believe in god. Some god or another, but what particular name one choses to give to the "higher power" is really irrelevant. This judge's decision puts us on the slippery slope to proving the words of our loathed enemy true.

If the simple "under god" is stricken from the Pledge, then the precedent is set for the following:

-Deletion of all US currency, as all US money contains the slogan "In God We Trust".
-new currency, and all the issues that come with that
-Re-facing of all official government buildings bearing similar slogans.
-new swearing-in ceremony for trials
-new Presidential Swearing-In ceremony (and Senate, and House, and Governors, and Mayors, etc.)

There's probably much more that isn't coming to my mind, but the massive upheaval that this decision could start should unsettle you, because it is going to cost a LOT of money.

Personally, I believe in God. I also believe that it doesn't matter what you call Him, because He is not truly known to anyone. Allah, Yaweh, Christ,'s all the same. There is a God who exists beyond these facades. Which stories you hear is largely cultural. These stories are not absolutes...they are to help people understand. God is not a specific person. God is a concept. A concept accepted by almost everyone under different guises.

I think waging a holy war, whether against America or against 'sand niggers' is godless, so you're both wrong.

When I was in sixth grade, I started dropping the 'under god' from the pledge. Even if I believed in him, I reasoned, that was no reason to say that everyone, in a country founded on religious freedom (which includes freedom *from* religion), should have to be "under" god or Zod or vishnu or George Foreman. In fact, I thought the whole point of America was not to be UNDER anyone. Don't tread on me, remember? Land of the free, where the individual is king.

So, ironically, started my disillusionment with US government. By eighth grade, I stopped saying the pledge totally. Luckily, in high school, we didn't say it at all because we all realized it was valuable time we could spend learning (reading, gossipping, etc.), so I didn't look like a political activist sitting down and reading my book while everyone else spouted empty doctrine like a Two Minute Hate.

I think that you are overreacting. DELETION OF CURRENCY? C'mon, Rob. You're smarter than that. There's this thing, it's called editing. So they remove a line from the dollar bill, and print new ones. Or didn't you notice they recently redesigned our currency without a hiccup? They're not going to throw out the old ones, but now, at least, you have a choice. As an atheist (someone who chooses to live apart from god, a-theos, not to be confused with an antitheist, thankyewveddy much, because we don't hate god; we just have more important things to do than worrying about the whims of an invisible man), it's very annoying to continually have religion rammed down your throat. And it's usually by the same people who are outraged by people who flaunt their sexuality. Guess what, we DON'T CARE. I don't care what god/s you worship, or who you fuck. It's not my business so stop MAKING it my business. What you do on your own time in your own home and places of worship belongs to you; no one can take it from you if you don't let them. But there is no reason to force us to care about it or validate it and say it's ok unless you are unsure and need reassurance; permission.

I think it is time for new swearing procedures. How can you make someone who doesn't believe in god swear to him? "How could you lie? Didn't you swear to god?" "God who? Never met 'im." Let's be honest. People are not telling the truth in court because they don't want to hurt a god's feelings. We wouldn't need courts nine times out of ten were that the case. People are telling the truth because they don't want to commit perjury, which is an offense of the court, not the bible. So instead of "so help you god", maybe they should say "under the penalty of state code ###", because that's what it is, folks!

Whether or not people 'accept' god is irrelevant. The only time you talk about whether something will be accepted is when you know there's a chance of its being rejected. You know you're introducing something foreign, and so have to consider the possibility that it doesn't belong. If everyone embraced god, there would be no need for acceptance (or war, or terrorism); it would just be a universal understanding. But it's not. So take the name of your god from our buildings. We never asked for it there. Take god away entirely, and put him back in your private life where he belongs. Hey, guess what? You can pray in schools; just don't run around HEY YOU GUYS! I AM PRAYING$!!!~! Pray to yourself. Pray with others who pray. But don't pray with me because homey don't pray dat. And be happy we're not France.
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