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drew42: What have you done today?

After work, I was invited to see Minority Report. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to buy tickets on-line (on the Intarweb, not on the physical ticket line), which means that secret agent family in the commercials would've been shit outta luck. So, apparently, to see a movie in New York City, you have to already be over there at 4:30 when you find out you are going to see the movie in the city, and then come back to North Jersey for four hours until it is time to spontaneously be in New York again at the AMC.

Fuck all, I already read the book. And I rented Mr. Deeds from my library, which rocks because I didn't know they had it. Now I can watch it and be ready when Mr. Deeds (Does Not Go to Town) comes to theaters. Because everybody knows the Capra version just as Mr. Deeds, the Sandler version, in keeping with convention, must adapt the longer moninker in common usage.

So, I walked to tha Illage and scouted the bins and worked up a heady thirst. I'm disappointed by the unavailability of Snapple Rain, but I got a Fire instead. Then, when I got home, I drank about a quart of apple juice. Damn, I was thirsty. I made record time home across the Bridge, though. Probably shed some pounds.

Along with Mr. Deeds, I grabbed Hanniblah just since it was there, and picked up two quarter paperbacks (Delores Clairborne and The Exorcist). Plus, I put in an order for Solaris, in both media. I talked the ear off the poor cute blonde highschooler that works there because I am SO LONELY for someone to listen to my ramblings about how it's cool that there is this song that is so closely adapted to this movie based on this really cool book idea.

Yay, John Barleycorn live on my TV!

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