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I did a whole Dick last night.

I finished The Minority Report last night, so now I'm equipped to ruin the movie for people. Unless it came out last weekend and I wasn't paying attention.

Yay, I talked to Alison on the phone last night (FOREVER, but I was wired on Mountain Dew and so just kept talking).

Yay, I was on the phone with Becca night before last. We are 'back together' for those who have lost the art of 'figuring things out for yourself'. I know, it's odd. I have this journal and I put blah-blah-blah all in it, but I don't want people in my personal business. That is why I am a crass ass and why you all either love me or hate me the way you do. Because I am me, and I am how I am. I won't say 'Mind Your Own Business' (M.Y.O.B. stands for make your own booze, if BYOB stands for bringing it; and I'm talkin MOOOOOOOOONSHIIINE yay), but I won't be forthcoming with details about my life. I'm just that kind of cool cat. That and I will insert parenthetical clauses to confuse people when I don't want them to read what I've wrote.

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