The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Just the first two minutes

Wow, our team is GOOD. That's some amazing footwork. Maybe they will KRUSCH Deutscheland after all. Damned Huns.

Ja, but meine Germanblud ist kinde torn. I guess I lose either way.

...Go Senegal!

It looks to me like Germany's a resilient and persistent team, but damned if we aren't wily and clever on the field. I just hope we can keep the energy up longer than they can. Maybe they'll foul out or whatever you do when you get too many of those yellow cards. They look pretty rough. Ha, und der goalie ist KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNN!!! Maybe that's why they call them Huns; we're decended from Atilla and Ghengis.

*** Update: So it looks like my journal was in read-only mode and this never posted. Well, fuck you, too, lj. Good job to the U.S. team, they gave 110.

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