The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

What's more

We live in a country where one of the most beloved forms of entertainment consists of sitting and listening to/watching other people talk. It's non-participatory; even if you stood up and said something, they wouldn't hear you, unless you're at the Conan taping or if you call in to Stern.

Sitting. Listening. To people you have never and most likely will never meet. Listening to shared experiences you yourself will never share, if only because you are home watching TV instead of sleeping or rehearsing for a play or starting a business or doing something to get yourself on that show so that you can be the one doing, even if doing is only talking, while everyone else is the moron at home who is watching other people talk.

"Tell us your opinion on your most recent movie." "Oh, I hated it."

Because you really care what Celebrity X thinks about the movie that you, collectively, just paid him millions of dollars to make.

Tell us, please, what to think. Relieve us of the responsibility of informed, self-directed opinions. Because if we are wrong, it is because we are stupid. If you are wrong and we are just agreeing with you, we are less stupid. Never you mind that there is no such thing as a wrong opinion if you don't form opinions about things you don't yourself know and understand. You're already too stupid to know and understand that simple fact. And don't get any ideas about coming to a realization, because once you're dumb, you're dumb for life. Intelligence is a quotient, factored at birth. Just stopping and thinking about something rationally won't help you come to any conclusions, so hey, why bother? It's not your fault you don't improve yourself; you can't because someone said so. You were made this way!

I hope that thought carries you smiling to your graves, because thousands of people are out there, bettering themselves at your expense. The rich get richer because they realize they can get richer; they understand and elicit change from the surrounding environment. They collect change; dollars and sense eventually pile up below them to keep them above you. Because you are busy throwing away the dollars seeing Celebrity X's movie, and they are collecting. You are going to see a movie with a pre-formed opinion from someone who makes money based on that opinion, and rather than evaluate the movie, you will simply retain that opinion. The net result will be two hours and ten dollars thrown away to change nothing. You will take nothing from the movie but the satisfaction of having shirked two hours chores/work/self-improvement and of having refrained from stupidly making any opinions of your own.

I'm not dumb because I haven't risked anything! It doesn't work like that. You can't not risk your intelligence; you stake your every decision on it, including the decision to avoid a decision on something else. Yeah, oops. See? You're trapped inside your own reasoning for all your attempts to avoid it.


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