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Pondering new user names

Available are:
mindcrime (Queensrÿche)
yourid (id hasn't posted in half a year, but is taken)
disparity (my band name... I think I might go with that)
candide or candid or voltaire
nature (n@ure, get it? n is taken, so I can't be or natural1 ("I'm the one, Natural One, take it easy" or Voltaire: "Men debate, nature acts.")
cancer (tho' that's not a nice one, and I'm nice sometimes)
tesseract (I thought of that when someone called me too complex to be described by a name... hence a four dimensional figure. That and the fact that Robert Heinlein and I had the same idea to build a hypercubical house some thirty years apart. His story beats my architectual attempt, tho.)
didact (after Didacts & Narpets; Rush song)
unlikelysavior (a suggestion, a very flattering one, after my listening skills)
salad (think Black Sabbath's Rat Salad or ELP's Brain Salad Surgery and stop looking at me funny. I like the word)
karnevil9 (more ELP)
tarkus (still more ELP)
evilenough (another suggestion, though I say you can never be evil enough. Though if I register the nick, you really can't be evilenough, because I am)
lesson or moreon
quirky or quirk (re: 'salad')
bit (bitten was suggested, but is taken)
vary (very is taken, but I think I *heart* this one. Variable is my temperament)
consume or subsume
tourette (that could be offensive in one of the few ways that I actually care about offending people)
maxx ( "For her, I could be... a HERO!" *sigh* )
notamonster (*giggle*)
sotospeak (I say that too much)
speaktome ("the pain you feel" -more Queensrÿche)
isfated or iswritten or even 'is' is available
fullstop (last three all available *wink*)

I love how it says, "There doth not exist a user with the username "whatever". Sorry." I'm like, "Sorry? Zipedee doodah!"

Sorry this list is so long. I guess it beats many many posts of names as I think of them.
I am idly thinking about changing my handle. DarkSmile sounds too much like a loser sci-fi fanboy name, I think (e.g. EvilNeoDarkLord486). Which makes sense, since I've had it since I was about 13-14. But I kind of want something artistic, or just stark. Stark is not available, though. I like the shorter names, too, out of laziness.

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