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PooINtS... POiNTss and cOInS

I now have a support point. I am at the bottom of the high scores list.

Getting bored of my 'New' playlist, and my 'Fresh' playlist, I've opened it back up to the whole mass of 1,250+ music files. Don't be surprised when you see some songs you've actually heard of. Like this one, which is purportedly country.

The subject line is a shout-out to my boys Will and Johnson. If you're confused, read it like "Pork and Beans" from the Dysfunctional Home Show on In Living Color (not to be confused with the band Living Colour) which had Jim Carrey as Grandpa Jack and the white girl as his mom. If you're still lost, you suck, since that show was awesome.

Soap is almost on. I'm happy. I need to send Brad a check. And to stop linking things.

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