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All Women are Robots!

I learned as much when dreaming last night. Though, just because something may or may not have feelings, you can still treat it fairly. I think I learned last night how to love someone else, strange and closed black boxes that you are to me. You might be robots, for all I know, sure.

And you might all be out to get me. 'Get me' in different senses, as the dream last night illustrated. Some for physical harm, some for emotional, some just trying to get what they can and get away before they feel guilt. But you can slow it down. You can stare in their eyes until you can see the inner workings and the deeper programming. And despite all that, you can learn to embrace, even when you have found out that it's something other you're embracing.

You don't have to love someone to make them feel good. You can love someone to make yourself feel good. I suppose I knew that, but there's a difference between knowing and feeling. Sometimes, dreams are like palaces for the blind, where everything that is normally in darkness can be touched, caressed, felt, and held. Emotions have heft in dreams, and you can pick them up and feel their weight in ways you can't in real life without chancing to drop something that turns out to be too heavy, or beyond your price range at the moment.

"Oh, this one's hollow, but it looked so heavy."

"Try this on for size... "

Sometimes ground looks solid until you step on it and sink into the underlying mud. You shouldn't go stomping around in your good shoes, like I did today in some state parks. You won't always make it out as cleanly as I did.

I'm going to leave you a little white space. Please use it to reflect on your day before you scroll on to the next entry.

Thank you, and take care of yourselves.

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