The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Love in a Vacuum

Well isn't that interesting. Second night in a row, I am confronted by strange dreams, all the stranger for their familiarity.

I met a girl, last night, and the story is much larger than that, but a lot less interesting. It was very realistic for a bit; there was that initial awkwardness and she started off sort of 'why is this guy so odd?' But then, I had just killed the zombified cast of Malcolm in the Middle on orders from the government. The entire dream itself took place in an arcade inside a mall (keeping with my motif), but damn was it the largest arcade ever. I had been recruited from my normal pimping activities by the government (a la Bad Company/Undercover Brother), and the only safe way to carry out the contract was by luring them into the LaserTag chamber alone. It was when I came out of the game (after disposing of my equipment) that I ran into a group of people. So I decided to ease my frazzled nerves by trying to blend in and hang. Eh, not so good an idea. But there was definitely something in her eyes, and I noticed her behind me as I was talking to Joe about the thing I'd just done (since he's an MitM fan). I looked over my shoulder, and saw her there, kinda paying attention to her group of friends. She wasn't really my 'type'; kinda blonde and stringy-haired, thin with an angular (slavic?) face, but I reached out on instinct with my hand behind me, without so much as a second look, and felt her take it, tentatively.

Huh, maybe I should try that in real life.

So she took me with her around the arcade until we finally arrived at the newest DanceDance/PUMP thing. This was more like a piano, with different tones up and down the scale, and it used all of your body, sometimes requiring you to lay down to hit notes down the full length of the board. It was pretty neat, actually, with a translucent floor sheet that lit up and looked all Star Trekky (I got the distinct impression it was powered by isolinear chips), so we danced facing each other to music that was much more rock (surprising me, honestly) than DDR or PUMP. It rocked pretty hard, actually, until her floorboard broke, and that's when I found out she actually worked for the arcade because she put in a service call for it. She was trying to fix it (maybe her job was on the line cause she should've been working?) and boy was she hella impressed when I isolated and closed the circuit that had malfunctioned. Basically, a wire came loose. So she smiled, and kinda threw her arms around me, and that's when—

I hit the wall again. Six thirty, this time, and slightly groggy. What the fuck? The dream was clear in my memory, this time, and I had vague impressions of going to visit her family walking hand in hand down suburban streets, sharing jokes and memories of the time we broke the arcade machine. Wisps and shreds of a memory where she took a compliment I made to her sister the wrong way, and how mad she was at me because she thought I was interested in her sister.

Yikes! Where is this leading me? Where am I headed? Why is it so normal?

Sorry this was a rushed entry, and so unresolved and undetailed. I'm going to be late for work, but this time I decided not to wait to post it. Maybe I'll have more reflections later.

Needless to say, I find myself looking over my shoulder more often.

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