The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Rather than rephrase it in another full entry

V: Cripes
V: When did my dad become so much like my mom?
V: All this caring about and helping people crap
V: The other half of the "teach a man to fish" adage is that if you don't teach the man to fish, you spend all your time fishing for him and no time catching fish for yourself
V: Which is what the upper class does to the middle and especially lower class pretty much throughout history
V: You work hard, and someone in charge comes along and takes the sweetest plum from your table.
V: They only take one, but from everybody
V: And soon they have a lot of plums (since there's a few of them) and the poor are left with the pits
V: Pretty soon, they get so used to it that they forget about the plums and fight to see who has the most pits
RC: I ate a plum this morning.
RC: Sorry to sound rather.. something. But I like that you chose plums
V: hee

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