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Meetings with my father...

...Are always interesting. This time, it was almost a direct contest of wills while my two (one and a half) brothers looked on. One thing I can say is that I am (believe this or not) not nearly as preachy as he is.

He tried to give me some static for not getting back to him about his car, which he was trying to 'give' to me. I told him that I'd found a car on my own, thenkyewveddymuch. He told me his monetary offer was a joke; that he just wanted to see some action from me. Well, I told him, I took action. I saved until I had enough to buy my own car, and my own insurance, and now I can say I own the whole thing. I don't owe anyone anything (except my mom $500 for the brake job and my first insurance payment; but that was after the fact). He told me that you can't conduct business that way; leaving the other party hanging, and I told him that I'd already done so. I think he was mostly pissed because he didn't know until halfway through the argument that I'd already bought a car. Man, he thought he could lay a trip on me about dependence right after I'd sat through "Our Man Flint", which is like the hardest core independence movie to come out of the sixties (I thought it was particularly salient when the three scientists who had huddled together for safety were taken out with one blast of steam).

"I worked fifty hours last week."
"Shall I cue the orchestra, or will this be enough?" He mimes a violin. "I was working seventy when you were born, and I still had time to take you to see hot-air balloons."

"Drop your old man a line every once in awhile. Make sure I haven't dropped off the planet."
"I'm sure I'll hear."
"Thanks, I love you too, buddy."

Yeah, dad, I inherited your ability to deliver lines with cold precision, and then I improved on it. Sorry, that was spiteful. I'm really feeling good about myself, honest!

Man, Husker Dü rocks so hard.

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