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Never met 'im.

I haven't thought about God in such a long time, not in any serious way, that I can't believe people still do. My life is so easy that I can't imagine why people would want to complicate things by inventing 'him'. Moral judgements are a snap, and I never have to doubt myself and worry that someone else will disprove of my choice. If I make a 'mistake', I deal with the consequences here, now, on earth, instead of dreading some eternal fuckplace in the ground where I will burn long after I've forgotten what her name was.

But there really are no mistakes, only choices and the repercussions. Sometimes bad things happen when you do the right thing, and sometimes bad people get good luck. You take what you can get and you feel good if you've earned it. When you haven't earned it, you always have that nagging sensation that makes you look over your shoulder to see who's going to take it back any second now.

Make what is yours yours, defend it fiercely, but never attack. And always respond with like force, though sometimes through unlike means.

Lunch is over. Time for work. Yay, I got my EZ-Pass, so toll roads, here I come.

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