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Thank god all these "Notes to Self" don't take up physical space

Note to Self: You are not supposed to leave the scene of an accident, even if it means almost severely punching in the face of the Latino boy in his daddy's caddy who was double-parked talking to his middle school girlfriend because his huge-ass SUV left just a few inches too little for your huge-ass land boat to squeak by, side mirror intact.

Damage: One passenger side mirror, my already negative bank account. Hopefully, there's no electronics damage to the car. If it just needs to be remounted, then yay.

I'm angry, but only just. I was all set to be like, hey, you were parked illegally but I should've realized I wouldn't fit through, but he was all defensive right off the bat. "My dad's a cop in the next town." Yeah, well, my fucking cousin responded to the accident, so suck it. This isn't el Barrio, and it's not Union City. Park, or get out of the road.

At least I'm not all like, "GOD, MY LIFE IS OVER." I was thinking about removing all the whiny bitches from my lj friends list, but then I realized I'd be left with ten people, and seven of them haven't posted this year. The best way to get a giant "fuck you!" from me is to ask for sympathy. Sympathy loses all meaning when it's requested.

The question I ask myself when I am deleting people from my friends list is not, "Why should I delete this person?" but rather, "Why did I add them in the first place?" This girl added me to her 'inner sanctum' of readers after knowing me for what? a month? Poo on that. She doesn't know me, and she can't trust me. Everybody has a careful balance of good and evil within, but none walk the high wire of that balance as artfully as I do. You're shaking your head, thinking that I could never hurt you, but I just haven't, yet.

Marooned is on, with Gregory Peck and Gene Hackman. It's got Apollo-era Spaceness, without all that Tom Hanks. Wow, and they just referred to the terminator. I thought I was the only one who did. Maybe I'm the only one on the ground who marks its passage. I like it when movies at least try to be accurate. With just the right amount of old-time hokeyness thrown in for style.

Oh, and for the record, you guys need to be more interesting, or I might just have to go back to reading books instead of livejournal. Try not to suck so poorly.

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