The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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How it Turned Out

I give myself about a C, 75% on Helmet's Unsung. I think I actually got worse after popping in Fugazi's Repeater + 3 Songs (it was those three extra songs that tired me out, yep). I'm rocking at coming back from fills, and I'm amazingly good at hitting the right parts of the bed, considering this is the first time I've tried using my brother's bunk as a drum kit. My timing is good in general, but I get overzealous on the syncopation and, though I'm good at coming back, if I mess up there, there's nothing to come back from. Oh, and I need to hold the sticks tighter and my wrists looser. The other way around makes for flying sticks if they get caught in the sheets or under the pillows.

But I took off my shirt and my arms look way cool drumming. I'm so vain, I know.
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