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In dreams...

Robot Cat: Isn't an ex-fiancé just an ex-boyfriend?
V: Yeah
Robot Cat: I mean, you're obviously not engaged anymore, if it's an ex
Robot Cat: Engagement. Phooey.
Robot Cat: I am not a big fan of Making A Big Deal Out Of Being Engaged
V: Yeah
Robot Cat: And I also think that the longer you are, the less likely you are to be married, so it should be a "We're arranging to be married" sort of thing
V: When I get engaged, I am going to walk around and punch people with my ring
V: I want my engagement to make an impression on people
Robot Cat: Do guys get engagement rings?
V: I will!
Robot Cat: Yay!
V: From a crackerjack box
Robot Cat: I don't think I'll want one
V: And it will have a diamond-studded ninja on it
Robot Cat: I don't want one now, anyway
Robot Cat: Hah!

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