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Things to Do Today (for sure)
  1. Laundry, about three loads cause it's been awhile and I have towels to wash
  2. Get quarters to replace the ones I'll use that are my mom's
  3. Get gas (my first full tank!)
  4. Head up to the storage and retrieve the air conditioners HED!
  5. Cut my hair
  6. Watch the Simpsons (as always)
  7. Realize I have work tomorrow (11 hrs) and drag my sorry ass off to bed

Things to Do Today (maybe)
  1. HED! Head up to the CD store, check on availability of Rush's next album, possibly reserve a copy, also get Down II, which is supposedly rife with Pepper Keenan's gee-tar (postponed till next week)
  2. Pick up additional CoC albums (Pepper Keenan is lead gee-tarist for them; Down's just a side project) — Got one!
  3. While at the storage place, pick up books and comics. Especially search for the What The-- ?! containing the now-famous "Ah, so... you've come at last." &mdash No time
  4. Return bad CD player to Radio Shack.
  5. Make an appointment with my PCP (HMO-speak for "doctor") to get referrals for a different chiropractor than the one I used two years ago and for a psychiatrist I can stand, since some psychotherapy is contingent on my return from medical leave to Cornell.
  6. Call Chris M., shoot the breeze, catch up on old times since middle school, see if he has any openings for a tech writer/software doc-guy (my fortune cookie yesterday said: "You are soon going to change your present line of work.") since his mom told me he was basically looking to offer me a job
  7. Watch a movie on TV and finish listening to the rest of my LPs.

Things to do in the near future
  • Get another crate since I now have "too many" LPs
  • Get a bookcase because I have always had "too many" books
  • Head to Gram's and pick up a ton of my stuff
  • Hang out at the AMNH with chrissmari and jish and other people
  • Rock out with David at the Rush concert in Saratoga, after having fully absorbed Vapor Trails
  • Head up to MA to see Becca again
  • Teach Katelyn to drive like a ninja
  • Save up for my education, pay off my latest maternal debt, find a nice studio apt. 15 min outside Ithaca and finish out my senior year
  • Learn to rock. Work on voice, drums, and learn some rhythm gee-tar. I have been able to impress my mom (singer) with my voice and my dad (drummer) with my time signatures, so why not?
  • Get back to 180 lbs. Then get BEEFCAKE!
  • Continue to experiment with electrical tape fashions
  • Do some work on Roman à Clef, now that character-driven comic book storylines are back in fashion. Also work on Darkest Night. After all, it's never too late to start all over again.

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