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There you go, way too fast.

V: Whatever happened to the Primitives?
V: =\
23: the 60's primitives or the 80's primitives?
Vedkar: latter
23: ah
23: Not that I could tell you anyway...
V: of course...
23: aside from AMG's "Disbanded: 1991"
V: The easy answer would be to say that they went back in time to the 60's...
V: If I was in a band, and then I went back in time, and managed to survive until the time my band existed, I'd go to my shows and yell, "YOU SUCK! GET OFF THE STAGE" etc
23: heh
V: "Hey, old man, don't make me kick your ass!"
V: "CAN IT! Don't make ME kick MY ass!"
V: "Well-- wait. What the fuck did he just say?"
V: *paradox ensues*
23: indeed
V: =D
V: That would be the best way to end the universe. Ever.

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