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More Ideas


For non-Rush songs, I could do with some Deathwish by the Police, and some Best Things, by Filter.

Got a green light, got a green light, but I'm going nowhere.

Maybe the Bloodhoung Gang, I Hope You Die. And maybe Sick Day (Fountains of Wayne); "lead us not into Penn Station."

Hmm. Fugazi's Arpeggiator, just because it's like the best song ever. Helmet's Unsung? Oooh, When the Levee Breaks...

OLP's Starseed could rock.

Eeeeee! Shame! Yes yes yes, Stabbing Westward. Sponge's Miles.

I need to get more tracks from my vinyl selection. Definitely something off April Wine's Harder, Faster, like Say Hello. You know what else rocks to drive to? The Cult. Probably Fire Woman. And Dire Straits' So Far Away has that sort of inexorable beat that goes along so well with the stripes between lanes on the highway, as they roll underwheel.

Hee hee. The Chauffeur. Duran^2 =D

I'm sure I have too many songs, but I'll sort them out tomorrow night. While I'm still adding, there's Fleetwood Mac's The Chain, and Joe Jackson's Steppin' Out, as well as William Joel's Pressure and Robert Plant's Big Log. Or In the Mood. Hmm. Plenty of thoughts to sleep on.

I could definitely do with some S.C.o.t.S., like Voodoo Cadillac or Deja Varoom. I should listen to both those albums tomorrow after work. Someone remind me, since I know I will be too tired for cogent cogitation.

It's long, but I could definitely do with Live Thorogood: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. And by definitely, I mean defitnitely. Which is, oddly enough, not the opposite of indefinitely.

No time at all. No time this time.

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