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Killing Me Hardly: The Mr. Bullet-in-the-Face Show!

Hello there, Mr. Bullet-in-the-Face
I gave you love you gave me mace
All your kiss kiss bang bang subtle grace
Makes up for the one big bullet in the face

It started off with a bang, as it always does
Your tailored suits and your velvet gloves
You told me there was no one else above
I paid no mind all your other loves

Same old story, Mr. Bullet-in-the-Face
Beautiful lies and delicate lace
When you go, you leave no trace
Except a hole from the bullet in the face

And love lies bleeding, on the divan over there
Love's lies feeding on a fire of her cares
Cover her with a duvet, she'll be okay
And by the next sequel, you're unawares

Just in time for the sequel, she'll be replaced
That's the way it always goes, eh, Mr. Bullet-in-the-Face?
Never to dine, but always to taste
And all of the rest can go to a spectacular waste

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