The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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Been a long time since I screamed out loud

I sit and stare from leant-back chair and listen to the chirps of birds I cannot and do not need to see
Budding leaves dance and leave me entranced as the wind moves so invisibly
I'm listening to tunes and dreaming of moons gone long before and yet to be
All in all, one moon that falls; endlessly and silently

Tidal its pull, empty or full
inexorable and beyond all the world
Clouds roll on by, hiding the sky
like so much fresh cotton unfurled

Rooftops reflect light
photons brown red and white
the same vista day or night I can see
much to my photoreceptors' glee

Wires that hang and pipes that clang
Sounds of engines and motors that air displace
All things reach my two eyes, equal in size
and two ears on either side of my face

Bones reverberate at a furious rate
there's no spurious fate; all this was meant to be
I was meant to hear, and I was meant to live
and to taste and to feel and to see

It's a curious supposition that forces in opposition feel hatred and enmity
It's the art of relation that makes for sensation; it's the way things are supposed to be
This constant burning of fuel; life's not a duel
but a dance, a kiss of four lips, and a tree
blowing in wind flowing invisibly
stirred by a moon the sun has hidden from me
So it has been for eternity, with no will to change for humanity
(in all its vanity)

The calm and the storm are in sanity.

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