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"Why, N@, what are you doing up?" "Fuck you."

I wrote this before I left the house today, scratched on my notepad:

When your love starts out
It comes with oh-so-few demands
But the minute I open up my heart
You open up your hands

I could've said "legs", but then it would be just another Rexall, and it would miss the point. It would get it airplay on the radio stations all the teens who still giggle at the thought of sex listen to, though. I'm sorry; this is not meant to be another radio rant.

So what can I write next?

You call me never
I call you honey
I give you love
You take my money

Trite, but it rhymes. That's what's important, right? Rhyming words and a hook. I need a hook. I never have a chorus in my songs.

So I say to you
if it's not one thing, it's the other
Either you remind me of my ex
or you remind me of my mother

Ooh, way to tie in the earlier poll. You rock, N@. Even at sunrise. No, especially at sunrise.

Monospace fonts rock, too.

I never listen to my friends
They don't know what's right for me
But I'd listen to you for days on end
Though you'd lead me smack into a tree

Why do verses sometimes sound so much better in my head? My brain must have a different sense of meter than my mouth.

You are the land
and you are the sea
I could jump right off your rocky cliff
and still not be free

Oh, good, finish it up with a clumsy metaphor to give the kids a sense that you have some artistic pretense. At this point, we'll come back to the chorus after a solo, and then maybe end with a drum fill. Or maybe we'll all just drop our instruments and walk away from the song because it just sucks.

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