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Wild, kinetic dreams

I was going to post something bitter, cynical and nihilistic last night, but I decided it wasn't that clever. Still, the sound byte came to me, "Too many people spend too much time fishing for opinions in other people's assholes with their tongues." I probably wouldn't do well in a hypothetical celebrity interview, because that would be my response when they asked me what I thought of this or that. They're always doing that, have you noticed? Fuck celebrity X's opinion. Fuck the interviewer's take on the situation. I think too many people know their favorite celebrity's favorite color who don't also know their best friend's.

Anyhow, the rant I had has lost the edge it had last night, mostly because I was distracted by something else; something shiny. My dreams are back. My broad, sweeping, epic dreams. And there have been a few minor changes. Instead of inside a giant mall, it was outdoors in a breathtaking city. I used to have fun exploring the million acre malls of my dreams, but it was always inside the box. I think realizing my dream of owning a car has opened my horizons a little. The other difference is that I was with someone almost the entire time. It was the Reverend Dave and my friend Ryan; they switched off at some point. I hadn't talked to Ryan in awhile until just a few days ago. It's interesting that my dream selected friends by their geographic proximity.

I've decided I'm way too perfectionistic about certain things for a successful relationship. Yet. I'm still looking for unsuccessful ones to tide me over, though.

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