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Your Weekly Horoscope for Apr 15 to 21

Because it's chic to post these.

Dear Word,
With Mars now in your sign you appear to have twice as much energy as normal.

I was up at 6 today! But that was after 10 hours in bed...

But as Mercury has now moved into the section of your chart associated with mystery and the subconscious mind, you may find that you are keenly aware of others motives, even though they may be saying something completely different, which puts you at a distinct advantage. In all your dealings, and there are likely to be more than the usual number over the course of this week, you will know immediately whether you are onto a good thing or not. This is equally true when it comes to your romantic and love life as well. It is as though you have x-ray eyes and can see what others are trying to hide.

As always, though yes, especially lately.

The Sun in Aries sextiles Uranus in the first half of the week, which indicates that a meeting at a social gathering may be just the catalyst you need to enable you to start work on a long cherished dream. This will be something that comes quite unexpectedly, and could prove very exciting. When Jupiter sextiles Mercury on Wednesday, you can trust your intuition completely, as this will open even more doors for you, especially where your finances are concerned.

I'm gonna git me a caaa-aaaar

I need a t-shirt that says: "Sorry, Princess, but your hero is in another castle." Why? Because this is a haiku:

"I cannot save you
I can't even save myself
So just save yourself."

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