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New York, baby, is no place to be when you're standing alone.

I'm glad to say there's not one person I know who doesn't like me. It's the little events in my life that serve to remind me you're only as abnormal as you feel. Or maybe act.

I went out shopping today because my CD player died last night. On a lark, I walked up the hill to Cliffside and went to visit my local Championship Records (that's the name of the store in High Fidelity, right?). I'm looking in the window as I approach, to see if the guy I always talk to is there. He's not, but hot damn; sitting behind the counter is a damn fine specimen of femininity. Ok, cool. So I walk in and scout up stuff to buy, my usual oblivious self. She comes over and offers to help me, but what I am looking for is not to be found (the new Local H). But still yay, cause No Rain is on in the store and that was my High School class' anthem. I'm guessing she's the daughter of the guy that is there (who is not the guy I normally talk to). He's in the back on lunch or something, so she's in charge. What to my wondering eyes do I see but a copy of Leona Naess' Comatised for FOUR BUCKS. The very same CD I was listening to before I left the house! The same one I'm listening to now. Perhaps emboldened (triple w3rd score) by my painted nails, I pick it up and drop it on the counter. I suggest she check out the album, since it's only $4. What the heck? We actually get into a conversation. She likes Jimmy Eat World (who doesn't) and some other indie bands. I tell her about how I heard about Leona and some other bands DJing the college radio at Cornell. She tells me she does college radio (whoo, she's not jailbait!). I ask her about a few random discs (who are these "Strokes" guys I keep hearing about?), trying her out, and tell her I don't really know about them because I don't listen to the radio. Lo and fucking behold, neither does she.

No, seriously. Stop and read that line again. Yes, it says that she doesn't listen to the radio either. Could it be? Has N@ found his indie rock princess?

ha ha ha, chill. I found what I was looking for today, but it was a Laserline 300 CD spinning tower.

We talked about music, and she actually started writing down some bands I mentioned. "You know a lot about music!" she said. A couple of times, I broke off, or the phone rang, but she actually started the conversation back up. Cool! Unfortunately, before I had a chance to add my e-mail address to the list of things she wrote down, her dad came back off break and she went into the back. Poop. I paid and left, and she left not long after. I was going to walk up to her and say something, maybe invite her to get something to eat/drink, but her dad came out and I'm just way too shy for that. I'll have to head back next week, I guess, and hope she's around. "I know when to go out; I know when to stay in. It gets things done," to quote Bowie. It's not like it's true love or anything, despite my DRAMATIC PROSE STYLE!!!; but it'd be nice to have someone to talk to and possibly hang with.

On my way out today, I walked past a group of school children cavorting on their way home. One saw my face, wearing its usual dark smile, and said to me, "You can laugh!" I didn't, but it's nice to know I have options.

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