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with just a whisper, "I'm lonelier than God."

I like talking to people! I like it when I talk to people and they listen and understand me and ask questions when they don't that show they're listening. I like listening to people talk, for hours on end, as long as it sounds like they understand. When it doesn't feel like people understand, I am more likely to find something more interesting on the ground or out the window.

I called the IRS and the lady I talked to was very nice and helpful! She didn't seem very "OhMiGod it's tax season again and these people are STILL RETARDED" to me at all. Best of all, I have three YEARS to claim my refund, since I'm pretty sure I don't owe. Geez, I better not owe. I want my money back sooner, in case it helps me buy a car. Yay, car.

Yay, people. I have to admit, it's not all always for fun. Sometimes, I like to show off my large, succulent brains. I'm not ashamed. More like proud, or whatever the opposite of not proud is. As long as I'm not boring people with it, and if I am, they need to tell me so so I will know so!

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