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PWN personal Jesus

Everyone's day is just that much brighter for talking to me today! It's really fantastic how much energy everyone has today. I can actually feel how I've changed everyone's day for the better so far. It's like I've done a little miracle for each; finding some money for someone, giving someone else the dollar coins they never thought to ask for, anticipating everyone's questions. It's fucking fantastic!

I'm getting lots of compliments on my nails, and from some unlikely sources. My mom freaked that I was going to work like this, but as I said, it's just fingernails, and so far, everyone seems to agree. If old Jewish matrons can handle something my darling Catholic mother can't, well, what's that say about religion? Not much, but shh, don't tell my readers that. I haven't gotten any offers (aside from Seiry's) for me to do anyone's nails yet, but you never know!

I'm glad I didn't do this in high school. It would have been a crusade of obstinacy and a source of furious argument. Now I'm mature enough to say, hey, it's just fingernails. At least I was mature enough then to know that much.

I like me! Other people do to! Draw conclusions as you will, and live by them. You might just end up happy, too.

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